Common questions


I have registered and I completed the activation of my account, however I cannot login?

You will have to wait until we validate your account. If your account has not been validated by one of our administrators and you try to login using your username and password, this will redirect you to the main page. For you to successfully be able to access all pages and materials, you will have to allow the IT team to validate your email. Note that only owners, partners and employees of Antal International will be able to login.


I urgently need to login, how long is it going to take for my email to be validated?

Due to the amount of emails, it might take longer but mostly if require anything urgent, email us at, so we can look into this for you.


I tried to login/register with my Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook or Other email accounts but I cannot even register with these emails?

You can only register with email. If you try to register with other emails than, your IP address will be blocked. This website is only for the Antal Network.


I am working for Antal International, but I cannot login?

Please make sure you are using the antal email rather than any other email. If you do not have an email account yet, contact your manager who will do the necessary to get you an email created which you can use to register.


Should I log as an “Antal Members Login” or as “Private Members Login”?

Antal Members Login is for the Antal Members only – “Owners/Managing Partners/Directors, Consultants and Antal Employeers”. Private members Login is for a private membership.


I could login before but now I cannot?

You need to contact the administrator on and we will look into this for you.

Contact IT Head Office

If you do have any issues, Contact Sam from the IT head office department


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